Meet the mother-daughter team behind The Harvest Inn

Cristina had been enjoying the North Fork on weekends and vacations for a few years, and last summer she found out that The Harvest Inn was up for sale. Ursula had been abroad working and was ready to return home.  After some time back looking for the right place to start the next chapter. Cristina and Ursula decided to buy and operate The Harvest Inn

Ursula is a French trained Pastry Chef, having worked at various Michelin starred restaurants in Europe and the United States, with a passion for creative productions, use of fresh ingredients and a specialty with all things chocolate, she strives to design her own path in her field.

Cristina has been in the hospitality and event industry for over 20 years, with a love for wine producing and sailing. Both share the  goal to assist preserving the land and waters in every way possible. To that end they are working on building strategies of eco-friendly practices to both keep the NoFo clean and thriving as well as enhance their guests sojourns.

Combining their knowledge and expertise, they aim to deliver an outstanding experience from offering delicious and innovative breakfasts every morning  to indulging guests with attention, comfort, and kindness.